Wednesday, February 3, 2010

James Hopkins

Anyone want to recreate one of James Hopkins works with me? I think these are so awesome!

have a look at the full collection here

Death Bear

This bear could actually be onto something! Death Bear is a project from Club Animals in New York, and is offering a weird but in some ways a good service. Death Bear comes to your door and collects things that you want rid of in your life, (think along the lines of your old boyfriends hoodie that he left months ago, or your collection of photo albums) and then he stores them for you in his cave. I am unsure if you can ask for your items back after the project has ended but it is certainly a better way to rid your mind of objects then boxing them up and pushing them to the back of your wardrobe.
So if you are in or around New York in Feb, get the Death Bear to help you out