Monday, August 31, 2009

Crap Day, Nice Night

After one of the most horrible days i have encountered, i have sat down at the computer at home to have one of the most inspiring evenings in a very long time.

Spending a solid 9 hours of really just trying to look busy at my pathetic job, i was going to just throw it in and quit. Doing a design job but only having basic production duties sucks balls. You become to feel under rated and under valued, with that feeling on top of a hangover that kicked in over 24 hours too late, your head does feel like mush in no time at all. Mine took a grand toll at 9.26am and at 9.45am after a demeaning email the berocca just wasnt going to cut it.
I realised today that food and cookbook just are not my bag. It doesn't inspire me at all, and how can i design such things if i dont even want to look at them myself? I look at bright colours, contrast, bright light blow outs, text that is unreadable, images drawn over and paintings that are made with spray cans.

But the past 3 hours i have been trawling my way around the interweb's and man'o man have i found some cream pickings!!! I now feel all get up and go like, just at the end of the day instead of the start. So now i am going to start looking for a new job, something that actually is creative and that i can really throw myself into mentally. I am also going to take my camera out tomorrow and shoot photos on my way home with Chi Chi's 10.5mm fisheye lens (i am very excited for this Chi!!!).

This may make no sense to you at all, but it does to me. I now feel all creative like. Yay!

Attitude Chair

This is the SHIZNIT!

This is the new Attitude Chair, designed by a New York designer call Deger Cengiz. It features a second pair of hinged legs that click into place when you lean back. This is any back row rebels dream chair, and with only 13 ever to be made and at $500US a pop, you better hope that the back row kids have rich mums and dads.

Cengiz webite can be found here

I like your type.

I really am digging this typography... it is so organic and very 1950s art. I can imagine it in dark greens and purple, almost like Sydney Long painting but with words. Alike to Si Scott's work but alot more simple and easy. Anyway if you like it too, you should check out the designers website.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Arts & Crafts

If i had my own house, i would defiantly try to make one of these.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

the sun hurts my eyes...

so i want these to make them feel better

Friday, August 21, 2009

Creepy Interview

Perth lady Creepy, who in person is anything but, has a interview on The Vine for his new solo show in Melbourne. Check it out here

Shoe porn

Mum, i think ive grown up.

I have fallen in love with shoes. Not an instant lusting i admit, but something that has grown on me over the past few months. Lately i get shoe envy. If i see a lass with nice kicks on, i want them. If i see a gal with cute little heels on, i want to be 4 inches shorter so i can wear them.
But NO MORE, i shout! Im giving in, heels and all. Yes thats right, heels. I have officially and honestly never owned a pair in my life. Actually never worn a pair longer than what i have when i have swapped shoes with Janice on the dance floor. My only issue is the height thing. I dont really like being the tallest girl in the room, i mean its tops at a music concert, but when your out at the pub you feel a little bit overpowering. But i am willing to give it a go, heck lets even call it a social experiment.

So social experiment, where do i begin. I am thinking with these.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tattoo Idea...

So i have been throwing up the idea of my first tattoo for about 3 years now. About 2 years ago i drew something that i really liked and thought, "Hey ill get that". I was so sold on this idea, then i gave the drawing to a mate to scan it in, and he lost it. I since have re-drawn it over and over again, expanding the idea and seeing different shapes etc. About 6 weeks ago Chiz went and got her arm tattoo, and i was very tempted to get that drawing done on me. But i whimped out.
Anyway i have been watching alot of Miami & London Ink on Foxtel lately and i have rehashed the idea of finally getting my first one done. On Sunday night, an old episode was on that i watched at Chi Chi's and Daves months ago. The tat wasnt my cup of tea so to speak but the style was amazing. Old school Japanese style, with a fair bit of colouring which really made these tat's for me. the placements of the tat was also quite cool, on the back of each calf muscle.

So that got me thinking.
What about a twin set of tattoo's? One on each side, facing each other or even repeating each other.

I quite like this idea, kinda doesnt have any exact relevance to me, but you could read alot into it... like past and future, good and bad, Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde. The number 2 also has some history with me in a few of my past relationships. I seem to alot of things twice in my life when i think about it too.... so the thought of having 2 of something on is starting to fit.

Then i was like OK, this could work, but what do i get?
I started to look at tat's that i like, and they all were the old sailor style and the Japanese style that the lass, Nikole Lowe, does on London Ink. This style has a constant flowing to me. And you could style something to match you that wouldnt date (that much...). So what else do i do when i need inspiration? I look through thousands of images on my computer and hundreds of postcards that i have collected over the years. And i keep coming across a painting that i have been collecting for years and an artwork that i really adore.

It is called The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai. This piece is apart of a series of woodblock prints called Thirty six views of Mt Fuji.

So what i am trying to say is maybe getting this on me. At first i was like, ugh can i do this? And i started to think out what it means to me blah blah. But it looks cool and i love the print. Everytime i go to Japan i see this print, and even though it is palmed off as a tourist thing now, i still love it. The first 2 times i went to Japan i chased Mt Fuji and didnt get to see it (the number two!), then the third time i caught a glimpse of it, then in October last year i finally got to take in all its glory.
SO, if i did go with this idea for a tattoo, could i pair it by itself, or how about with another print from Hokusai's series?

Hmmm, im almost sold on this, but it comes down to the placement of both tattoos. If i was to do the twin set thing, i want one on either side of my body. The chick on London Ink got her's on her calfs, but i was thinking a little more higher. I was talking to someone not too long ago and they told me they had a tattoo on the back of their thigh - i wish i could remember who you are. So placement wise, how about high on the back of my thigh's, under the butt cheeks, matching up on both sides. I love the placement idea, so im defo going to get a tattoo on each leg there, someone just tell me that the design is good so i can get it done!??!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

George is leaving the building

The lovely George is heading back home to the UK, and what better place to spend her last SAturday night then Spectrum. There was dancing, disco, gang signs, losers trying to take over our dance corner and someone fell over at least once - more than likely me. Sad to see you go George, expect many a visit soon. Emu hand has been raised, if you get lost along the way xx

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Childhood Chocolates

Remember Fantales? The caramels dipped in chocolate that if chewed wrong they could pull your baby teeth out? Yeah well im eating a whole packet of them right now. Man these things take me back to Pennant Hills park on Saturday mornings after Netball, when i used to con my dad into giving me $2 to go and buy 50 fantales and 10 red frogs from the canteen. Then i would proceed to make myself sick by eating them all. Those where the days.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Phoenix play the Enmore

Last night, Yanni and I went to see Phoenix at the Enmore Theatre. After having dinner and desert (and no we did not share our desserts) at the Courthouse, we ventured down to claim our usual standing pozzie at the back of the Enmore. The four sexy French men turned into 6 for this tour, and delivered a strong set. Starting with the new single "Lisztomania" almost everyone in the crowd started to bop along. They keep going by playing some of my all time tracks EVER - "Everything is Everything", "Napoleon Says" and "Too Young" i had a few OMGZ moments.
Coming back with a mellow version of "If i ever feel better.." for the encore, they picked up the tempo for the finale by giving a full rock out of "1901".

If Napoleon says to me, take off your coat, take of your long johns too - I would, especially if he was a French man, in a long sleeves shirt tucked in. Wallop

Image Supplied by Graham Denholm

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New blog name

So i have been tossing up whether to change my blog name for a while. Starting with "when you come back, ill be gone" back in December last year.... This became too depressing for me, i wanted something more uplifting. Then i swapped to "the quiet life". Then realising that i dont really have a quiet life.
Alas, what to do! When all else fails, steal!! So i did.

"The girl & the Robot" is a song title from Röyksopp, who have been getting a few spins on the iTunes recently.

The album Junior is already making a mark in my 2009 top 10 list. Röyksopp are a duo that come from Norway. The pair have been creating electronic choons for some time, and for the girl and the robot song they teamed up with Robyn.
So i though why the heck not eh?

Me and my Grrrl

This is my girl. I have known her since i was about 15. I have been seeing her off and on again since then. She's real pretty. Some people called her Madame de la Porte, especially this one guy called Jean-Marc Nattier. Thats me on the left.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Melting Moment

So i am having a moment.

I feel as if my life is somewhat falling into place, yet in another way i have no control over the things happening around me. OK so i have decided to stick it out in Sydney after weeks of mulling over the thought in my head of leaving Oz for a distant shore on a one way ticket. About 3 weeks ago i fell apart and just wanted to run. This is still quite tempting, but i just cant do it, for several reasons that i will not put on here. But this does have its downsides. For one i have to face up to myself and understand that i do have responsibilities here and need to take hold of them. Today was a hurdle for me. I did something that i half did not want to do, but now am glad that i did take the chance to do it. I still feel hurt but im also glad. Strange really. This situation didnt turn out as i had hoped a few months ago, but i have learned alot from it, as i hope they have.

I am glad that after 3.5 years, my life feels at ease. The thought of where i was over 3 years ago, scares the heck out of me. I was messed up, so very messed up, and now i look at myself and I feel quite happy. That is a feeling i haven't had in quite a long time. But what has got me in this certain moment is that how i got to this happy point. It comes down to the people around me of late, especially in the past year. I found these certain people who pick me up and put me back together, kinda thing. They have never spoken down to me or had expectations of me. Never taken me at face value and given me respect. Values that should be a standard in relationships but often are not.
2 Years ago i formed a relationship with a work colleague and in a short space of 2 weeks we became best buddies. She is still my best friend. At the time when we met we bonded over shit working experience with a large photo agency, as much as we both dont like to admit it, as we hate that place, if we both hadn't been there we never would have met. This girl is my drunken phone call, my shoulder to cry on, my "i just ate 2 king size twix bars, is that bad?" girl and my 200 emails a day bitch. And with the new pact that we have formed over the past weekend away, i am sure that more fun times shall be had. Rock on i say.

Then there are the people who you just happen to click with. That you can chit chat for hours with, day after day and not get bored. These mates keep me grounded. Over analyzing every single detail then laughing about it, and doing it all again the next week. I like those days, talking shit about shit.

Looking back to that bleak time in my life when i had no support network around me to now, i am a very lucky person. I know that when i get my outback house (with a wrap around veranda), in the middle of nowhere, these people will come and see me no matter how many different pieces of denim* i shall be wearing.

* Think of the TV show "Blossom"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Doves @ Metro Theatre

This gig was a comedy of errors for me last Thursday. Being still with a gammy foot, the walk from home to the Metro proved harder than i thought... then was the wait in the pit for the band to come on. After forgetting a spare compact flash card, i was left to shoot on one camera with 3 lenses, a hard act. I ended up going with a 50mm for the gig. Some shots are OK, but i know that i could have done heaps better if i actually was prepared. Such a pro i tell ya!

Post Byron Wrap Up

Back almost a week now and i have only just remembered to do this! It shall be done in the form of pictures, as they capture a thousand words, almost i cant remember certain points over the entire weekend.
All Getty shots taken by Mark Metcalfe, please see

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