Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun Things

Trying to avoid work during your last few days at a place of employment can prove to be quite stressful. And then you stumble across something that you adore, for me it was this pair of stockings from Les Queues de Sardines.

I mean how damn cute are they? I love the black ones, 40 euros you say? yes damn expensive too, so i am going to have to hold my breath and try and find them when i am in Europe in June. Or maybe hunt down some cheap knock off pair in Spain.
But if you want to look at the full range of these non conservative tights, have a looksee here

Monday, January 25, 2010

Australa Day

So its Australia Day, or as some call it Hottest 100 Day. And yep i am being kinda unAustralian by working today. So i thought that i would still do the normal Australian things that i do almost every other year. Here is my check list:
1. Can of Coke
2. Radio tuned into 105.7FM
3. Twisties
4. Swimmers (although i am indoors at the monet, i am still hoping that i can make it to a beach or pool sometime today)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Acceptable in the 80's and/or the 90's

So after an early morning chit chat about our time in the 1980s and the 1990's here at work, I pretty much have decided that I must of lead a much different childhood to all the other girls in my office. We started by talking bout what we watched on telly after school, and who we looked up to and who our heart throbs were. Not one person was the same as me, to which I was quite shocked at. So today I have taken on the choice of compiling my top people from my childhood.

I guess it kinda started with 7up. Strange really but I was obsessed with Fido Dido. My best friend in primary school and I had the full matching outfits. White sneaker, black jeans – cuffed, white t shirts, clack jacket – preferably denim, and to top it off we both scored the free Fido Dido hats that they gave away in a drink promotion in Franklins. Ally and I were quite the tomboys for about a year, that and both could roll our eye lids inside out.

Then there was Belinda Carlisle.

And you can’t see there and tell me you never like her, she was HOT. Her first album titled Belinda didn’t get much play here I don’t think, but it was with her second album Heaven on Earth that struck gold. When I mentioned this song in the topical conversation this morning, I was told by one person “isn’t that a new dance song?”… I thought wow, sheltered. Belinda Carlisle makes Karaoke seem bearable.

After Belinda I go to Debbie Gibson.

That Electric Youth album cover was on top of our record pile at home for months and months. Slight bit of trivia for you aswell, she sung a duet with Craig McLachlan on stage in the early 90s of You’re the one that I want from Grease. Somewhat mildy amusing!

Television wise how can I go past Parker Lewis Cant Loose.

For starters it was pretty much based on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, secondly they always synchronize their swatches. Parker Lewis was played by Corin Nemec, who was the coolest guy out.

Always dressed with class and always had a catch phrase at the ready. He coined the phrase “Not a Problem” when faced with any school issue, and for him it never was a issue, he always came out on top. Parker and his two buddies, Mikey and Jerry were pinned as the 3 most likely to succeed and with group headquarters hidden above the school gym, who wouldn’t! I believe that for many years I asked my mum for a swatch watch for my brithday, needless to say I am still waiting for it!

Another telly show that got me in from the get go was Saved by the Bell.
This cast was pretty set, and to be honest I don’t think many of them have ever shook the typecast that they have after acting in this show. But none the less, my hero from this show was Tiffani-Amber Thiessen.

As Cheech said in her blog post, her character Kelly Kapowski had “that all American girl-next-door smile and a body built for sin”. Which in turn she actually did. Thiessen went on to play the bad-vixen girl on 90210 (the good and original series). The main thing that got me about Tiffani growing up was her hair and clothes. Back when I used to wear a mid drift top and be proud and matching scrunchie in hair this girl was my idol. One Christmas, a friend at the time got the 6 main cast members as barbie dolls when her dad came back from the US. Jealousy was a curse!

But getting back to 90210, my favourite character from the Beverly Hills teens was Brenda.

Brenda Walsh was the bitch of a daughter who stood up to her parent and goody two shoes brother and looked hot in her bad boy boyfriend’s leather jacket. Man I wanted to be her. The girl has sass after all, and to hang out at the Peach Pit after school would have been high on my list too, especailly with the young Luke Perry hanging off your arm!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

UK Bound!

Today marks the day that I became a very lucky lady and got a flight to the UK!!! Bring on late May and an early trip to the International Airport!

The Decemberists play the Metro

5 reasons why this gig was great.

*The lead singer that controled the crowd (and the glasses and beard didn't hurt either)
*A guitar play off ending in guitars behind the heads. Note: Guitars not played in tune.
*A guitarist on stage wearing a fixie hat that defiantly isn’t a hipster.
*The lead singer making the whole venue laugh at his jokes, even if some were shit making fun at Australian jokes that your Great Uncle from the UK would make
*Bringing out the extra drums for The Rake Song

A big thanks to Brother Dan for letting me tag along!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Aloe Blacc

And another one I seemed to have missed! This one dates back a few years, but somehow very early at work this morning I found this nice lad called Aloe Blacc and I adore his music! The Californian native has been around the traps since 1995, being part of the “indie rap group” Emanon (not too sure if I like the genre of that group…). His last solo album, Shine Through was out in 2006 and I really love the soulful feel that most of the tracks have. If you have time, type him in and listen!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bubble 'O Speech

So somehow i must of missed alot while working and not blogging lately. I have just stumbled upon this wonderful British rapper going under the name of Speech Debelle. Her track "Spinnin" is very poptastic, and i need a like button for it!