Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun Things

Trying to avoid work during your last few days at a place of employment can prove to be quite stressful. And then you stumble across something that you adore, for me it was this pair of stockings from Les Queues de Sardines.

I mean how damn cute are they? I love the black ones, 40 euros you say? yes damn expensive too, so i am going to have to hold my breath and try and find them when i am in Europe in June. Or maybe hunt down some cheap knock off pair in Spain.
But if you want to look at the full range of these non conservative tights, have a looksee here


Mookie said...

OMG!! Sherlock you have damn well earnt your name this time...I am in love with these many beauties on their site... thanks x

sezbot said...

i know! how fab are they??! im so going to try and find them a little cheaper while im overseas!