Sunday, May 23, 2010

Got Milk?

I have started to drink milk agian lately. Purely on a money saving scheme, as at work we get free milk. Seeing i dont drink coffee i double my usage and use it for cereal. Anyway, the packaging is lame, boring and i really dont like it how lite milk is pink. Makes no sense.

Then i saw this.

Now this is more like it! A graphical design, that still tells me its healthy and its milk, but does it in a fresh modern way. It was Designed by Audrée Lapierre from Canada. Her quote about the design is "Nutritional information becomes the main goal of the packaging, while still carrying a powerful branding by combining an expressive form with useful information.”

Tofu Head

Tofu kinda scares me.
Is that wrong?
I mean i grew up knowing that it makes my sister sick, due to her allergies, so i asumed the same would happen to me. So i avoid it. But there is something about the texture of it that grosses me out.

This picture makes my case.

Designed by Jean-Maxime Landry from Canada. This is a packaging solution playing off the alphabet, creating a product akin to alphabet soup, only in tofu form. Look at it. I mean LOOK AT IT! Its mellowing in a form of liquid without expanding or changing shape. Thats isnt right. Gross.

I much prefer this kind of Tofu.

The photos of Gregory Crewdson

And so i mean wow.

Crewdson's images are just amazing! Straight out of a film set. He makes large scale photographs that are staged exactly like a film set. he has a crew of directors, special effects people, a lighting team and actors to bring these magical shots to life.
I recently watched a docomentary on ABC iView that was about American photographers and he was featured in it. Then i saw an image of his on the Three Drunk Monkeys Blog. But i only just googled him today - wish i did it before!