Monday, May 25, 2009

slurry of the hills

fav moment in time

this is sofia and her neighbours cat
i met the cat while wandering through a back alley in Arles, in the south of France. the cat was cute as, i sat and chatted to him for a long time then this lady came round the corner, speaking to me in french. i just smiled and she beckoned me to follow her. she lead me into her house where she sat and talked to me in broken french and gave me a cup of tea. simple yet wonderful.

man 'o man

so i need to clean up my act so to speak.
this is how i work.... and i dont even want to throw up a shot of my desk space. i have the notebook full to the brim of ideas but i push them around for yonkers until i finally sit down and then i get all anxiety-ish about working on them. mission for this week, do 3 new designs, do hanleys business cards, quit markets (this one may not happen), start planning to go overseas again AND play more Harmonic 33.... seriously how good is this guy??!?!!!!!!

an idea......

schnapp me happy

ok someone schanpp me happy plesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse. why do i always do the same thing 2.5 years in rotation? you think i would honestly learn but i dont.
all i want to do at the moment is go and get all happy snappy with my favorite camera in the entire world. my trusty f80 nikon with a 16-35mm thrown on the front. no flash, F8, 1/60th given we have some ok weather here in sydney. i had a chat to my ma today and we said that 3 years ago to the day (given to those who knew me 3 years ago i was a totally different person) i would never leave this camera at home. i would change bags, change outfits, changes shoes to take my best mate out with me. and now i look at him, wrapped in a plastic bag, no lens on (man he must feel naked!), sitting on a shelf full of other cameras that i never have used. given that i own like 30+ cameras, this is a bad thing.
i also went to see world press photo today at the state library. i got all depressed. that is my utter dream, to be in some war torn country, taking images that change one persons opinion about that conflict or issue. i really wish i got on that plane 4 years ago and did what i wanted to do. i so have to start taking chances and living life, stop wasting time worrying about trivial shiz that in 2 months wont matter.

so this is it.
i want to do photo essays and design each to their own book.
i want to deal with issues that matter to me on a daily basis.
i want to start showing my work again.
i want to publish my dream book (in the think tank for at least 8 years mind you....)
i want my gallery idea to start happening

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

last day at school

today is my last day at design school/college/thing.
i have no idea what i am going to do next week, next to sleep in and not worry about drop shadows. i suppose that i will spend my days on looking at images thinking i want to do that. im sure i will make several phone calls to claude, peter and rysy just to say "hey, im not driving".
what course should i do next then?
im thinking counseling, cause i think i need some

juliet lewis and the licks

lomo shiz

cross processing genius

Japan in 08 - wanderlusting

in the last few post's i have thrown up i have been listening to Death Cab for Cutie. these guys were on a high rotation for me when i spent a month in Japan last year. they just remind me of being a wanderluster and traveling freely. i remember being on trains and watching all of these open scenery flash by and being mesmerised by it all. you know how you get that sense of happiness? when you could sleep in and miss half the day but know that you would see something later on that would make up for it ten fold? or when you took a wrong turn and saw something that you stood at for hours that still makes you smile today?
one backpack, countless cameras and endless amounts of time. traveling for me is home and i miss it. someone give me a stash of cash so i can go do it all again?

Lupe Fiasco - Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Lupe Fiasco, such a superstar.
Seeing him twice in one week gave me butterflies in places that i can not write about


any one who works this out, i owe a cheesecake to

Girl says to Boy "Look at my shoes"

The Music - Manning Bar, Sydney

Gran's House

Taken in 2004 shortly after my Gran passed away. I returned to the UK to attend her funeral. I wanted to take a portrait of her though her belongings that still sat in her house.
All of these images are taken on ISO400 film, hand developed and printed.

forgotten blog

so i was bad at this from the beginning, i knew i would be! months have passed and i forgot that i had this thing... so here i go, starting line again. so i am going to throw up some of my fav images that i have shot over the past few years/months to fill space. not that anyone will read it