Monday, May 25, 2009

schnapp me happy

ok someone schanpp me happy plesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse. why do i always do the same thing 2.5 years in rotation? you think i would honestly learn but i dont.
all i want to do at the moment is go and get all happy snappy with my favorite camera in the entire world. my trusty f80 nikon with a 16-35mm thrown on the front. no flash, F8, 1/60th given we have some ok weather here in sydney. i had a chat to my ma today and we said that 3 years ago to the day (given to those who knew me 3 years ago i was a totally different person) i would never leave this camera at home. i would change bags, change outfits, changes shoes to take my best mate out with me. and now i look at him, wrapped in a plastic bag, no lens on (man he must feel naked!), sitting on a shelf full of other cameras that i never have used. given that i own like 30+ cameras, this is a bad thing.
i also went to see world press photo today at the state library. i got all depressed. that is my utter dream, to be in some war torn country, taking images that change one persons opinion about that conflict or issue. i really wish i got on that plane 4 years ago and did what i wanted to do. i so have to start taking chances and living life, stop wasting time worrying about trivial shiz that in 2 months wont matter.

so this is it.
i want to do photo essays and design each to their own book.
i want to deal with issues that matter to me on a daily basis.
i want to start showing my work again.
i want to publish my dream book (in the think tank for at least 8 years mind you....)
i want my gallery idea to start happening

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