Monday, August 31, 2009

Crap Day, Nice Night

After one of the most horrible days i have encountered, i have sat down at the computer at home to have one of the most inspiring evenings in a very long time.

Spending a solid 9 hours of really just trying to look busy at my pathetic job, i was going to just throw it in and quit. Doing a design job but only having basic production duties sucks balls. You become to feel under rated and under valued, with that feeling on top of a hangover that kicked in over 24 hours too late, your head does feel like mush in no time at all. Mine took a grand toll at 9.26am and at 9.45am after a demeaning email the berocca just wasnt going to cut it.
I realised today that food and cookbook just are not my bag. It doesn't inspire me at all, and how can i design such things if i dont even want to look at them myself? I look at bright colours, contrast, bright light blow outs, text that is unreadable, images drawn over and paintings that are made with spray cans.

But the past 3 hours i have been trawling my way around the interweb's and man'o man have i found some cream pickings!!! I now feel all get up and go like, just at the end of the day instead of the start. So now i am going to start looking for a new job, something that actually is creative and that i can really throw myself into mentally. I am also going to take my camera out tomorrow and shoot photos on my way home with Chi Chi's 10.5mm fisheye lens (i am very excited for this Chi!!!).

This may make no sense to you at all, but it does to me. I now feel all creative like. Yay!

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Cheech said...

I miss my fisheye :(