Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Phoenix play the Enmore

Last night, Yanni and I went to see Phoenix at the Enmore Theatre. After having dinner and desert (and no we did not share our desserts) at the Courthouse, we ventured down to claim our usual standing pozzie at the back of the Enmore. The four sexy French men turned into 6 for this tour, and delivered a strong set. Starting with the new single "Lisztomania" almost everyone in the crowd started to bop along. They keep going by playing some of my all time tracks EVER - "Everything is Everything", "Napoleon Says" and "Too Young" i had a few OMGZ moments.
Coming back with a mellow version of "If i ever feel better.." for the encore, they picked up the tempo for the finale by giving a full rock out of "1901".

If Napoleon says to me, take off your coat, take of your long johns too - I would, especially if he was a French man, in a long sleeves shirt tucked in. Wallop

Image Supplied by Graham Denholm

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