Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tattoo Idea...

So i have been throwing up the idea of my first tattoo for about 3 years now. About 2 years ago i drew something that i really liked and thought, "Hey ill get that". I was so sold on this idea, then i gave the drawing to a mate to scan it in, and he lost it. I since have re-drawn it over and over again, expanding the idea and seeing different shapes etc. About 6 weeks ago Chiz went and got her arm tattoo, and i was very tempted to get that drawing done on me. But i whimped out.
Anyway i have been watching alot of Miami & London Ink on Foxtel lately and i have rehashed the idea of finally getting my first one done. On Sunday night, an old episode was on that i watched at Chi Chi's and Daves months ago. The tat wasnt my cup of tea so to speak but the style was amazing. Old school Japanese style, with a fair bit of colouring which really made these tat's for me. the placements of the tat was also quite cool, on the back of each calf muscle.

So that got me thinking.
What about a twin set of tattoo's? One on each side, facing each other or even repeating each other.

I quite like this idea, kinda doesnt have any exact relevance to me, but you could read alot into it... like past and future, good and bad, Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde. The number 2 also has some history with me in a few of my past relationships. I seem to alot of things twice in my life when i think about it too.... so the thought of having 2 of something on is starting to fit.

Then i was like OK, this could work, but what do i get?
I started to look at tat's that i like, and they all were the old sailor style and the Japanese style that the lass, Nikole Lowe, does on London Ink. This style has a constant flowing to me. And you could style something to match you that wouldnt date (that much...). So what else do i do when i need inspiration? I look through thousands of images on my computer and hundreds of postcards that i have collected over the years. And i keep coming across a painting that i have been collecting for years and an artwork that i really adore.

It is called The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai. This piece is apart of a series of woodblock prints called Thirty six views of Mt Fuji.

So what i am trying to say is maybe getting this on me. At first i was like, ugh can i do this? And i started to think out what it means to me blah blah. But it looks cool and i love the print. Everytime i go to Japan i see this print, and even though it is palmed off as a tourist thing now, i still love it. The first 2 times i went to Japan i chased Mt Fuji and didnt get to see it (the number two!), then the third time i caught a glimpse of it, then in October last year i finally got to take in all its glory.
SO, if i did go with this idea for a tattoo, could i pair it by itself, or how about with another print from Hokusai's series?

Hmmm, im almost sold on this, but it comes down to the placement of both tattoos. If i was to do the twin set thing, i want one on either side of my body. The chick on London Ink got her's on her calfs, but i was thinking a little more higher. I was talking to someone not too long ago and they told me they had a tattoo on the back of their thigh - i wish i could remember who you are. So placement wise, how about high on the back of my thigh's, under the butt cheeks, matching up on both sides. I love the placement idea, so im defo going to get a tattoo on each leg there, someone just tell me that the design is good so i can get it done!??!!

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