Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New blog name

So i have been tossing up whether to change my blog name for a while. Starting with "when you come back, ill be gone" back in December last year.... This became too depressing for me, i wanted something more uplifting. Then i swapped to "the quiet life". Then realising that i dont really have a quiet life.
Alas, what to do! When all else fails, steal!! So i did.

"The girl & the Robot" is a song title from Röyksopp, who have been getting a few spins on the iTunes recently.

The album Junior is already making a mark in my 2009 top 10 list. Röyksopp are a duo that come from Norway. The pair have been creating electronic choons for some time, and for the girl and the robot song they teamed up with Robyn.
So i though why the heck not eh?


Ella Plane said...

I made it! Who would have thought the internet could so farkin' hard to traverse.

Ella Plane said...

ps. NOICE blog.