Wednesday, October 14, 2009

iPod Magic Moments # 1

Don’t you like it when your sitting down at your desk at work, eating some food that your mum cooked for you, and a song comes on through your earphones that makes you sit up and go “hey, I remember these guys!”. Then you spark into a full blown research analysis of said band which leads you into listening to their back catalogue for the rest of the day.

Well today’s “hey, I remember these guys!” is VHS or BETA.

I was caught up in this today by their song Cant believe a single word, and it has speed up from there. This band can make dancing like a fool, cool again at a rock concert. I can just picture a load of kids with skinny skinny jeans on and hair sprayed hair, doing that lean forward then back, then repeat dance move with a hand clap thrown in for good measure (picture Vince Nior from The Mighty Boosh but without the sparkles).
VHS or BETA fit into the realm of band such as The Rapture and The Killers, just without the The. More dance dance than The Cure, and more pop culture then Duran Duran. Songs are packed with hooks and I quite like them.

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