Tuesday, October 6, 2009


A year ago today I was in Tokyo, Japan with two good mates going to see Radiohead for the second night in a row. This was my first overseas trip since coming back form the UK 2 years before hand, and now a year later I find myself planning my next big trip. Already with Glastonbury tickets in my hand for the 2010 festival, I know that I will have to end up in the motherland at some point. But where to before that? And I say before as I know I wont be able to hold out here in Sydney until then.
I am a wanderluster and proud of it.

So here is my short list of places that I would like to hit in the not too distant future, and as most things in my life they are in no order.

South by Southwest – although this music festival is a little earlier than I would be hoping to escape too, I have always wanted to go to Texas and attend this 4 day festival. And i know i am being the biggest music groupies by even putting this on my list but hey, which of you wouldnt want to come with me? On lead up to the SXSW festival I would somehow coincide a road trip of the US some sort to the event. This would just ad to the build up of the music festival. And of course I would have a car load full of my music festival buddies in tow.

India – I mean why not? It has been on my list of places to travel to for over 5 years. I passed up India for Morocco in 2006 and have been itching to go since. 2010 marks the year that the Commonwealth Games are on in New Delhi in October, so surely I could spend a good 4-6weeks in April/May before the city gets overrun with UK and other Aussie Tourists? Hmm maybe, May is the hottest month of the year or India… 50 degrees… maybe I should re think this one.

Rwanda – I should have gone and done this last year with my friend Jane, but didn’t. So is life really! And now it ends up on my list again. Now I don’t want to be all Dianne Fossey on everyone, but I have always wanted to trek into the mountains of the Kibale Forest and see the chimps and gorillas. I honestly think it would be one of the most magical moments in your life. Seeing such animals in the wild and knowing that they are so close to extinction.

Trans Siberian Railway – Again something that I have had in the back of my mind for a while. Overland from China to Russia in a train just sounds so romantic to me. Need I say anymore?

Japan – yes again, for something like the 5th time. This country just amazes me every time I go. The people are friendly, the transport system is super fast and dedicated to being efficient (take note cityrail), the sneaker shopping is fab, the food is yummo and living is reasonably cheap. Japan wasn’t what I thought it to be when I first went and it took some time for me to become adjusted to it, but once that happened I fell in love with the place. Everything is so readily available for you, vending machines are god. From underwear to council estate size colas to beer or a bottle of wine, these things are open 24/7. The culture is amazing. People are very traditional, they support the communities and every Sunday you can find a sake drinking competition that even I can take part of.

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