Monday, November 2, 2009

Bob A Job

When does a job become a lifestyle rather than just a way to pay the bills? When you stop caring about your pay packet and more about the work that you do? And how many of us are really that happy about our current career paths?

I went for a job interview this morning and it was for a position that really doesn’t take my fancy. I mean it is a good job and would be a stable company for a long term role, like you could really have a solid input into the direction the company would grow in. However I feel like it would be almost a side step from what I had planned with my change of career at the start of the year but the money is better than what I have going on at the moment which always is a good thing. In a sense I wouldn’t be side stepping that much, I would technically still be in the design area, just in the other suburbs of it, ie: Chatswood. The massive down side is that you wouldn’t be surrounded by other creative people, just office workers and paper pushers. There wouldn’t be anyone to get design advice from or someone to offer their creative criticisms.
So what to do? Would you take the higher pay and have the creative sacrifice, or do you stay where you are currently, which is barely the minium wage, but you have some input into the work? At the moment I really feel like I am treading water, waiting for something to come and get me. And I am not a patient person at the best of times, and that feeling is pushing me towards moving on and taking the other job.

Honestly I am the type of person that would work for next to nothing if the job was rewarding in other ways and if I believed in it. I feel that if I had a mentor of some kind I would be better off and I would develop my skills further and be happier with them. Then also staying with that studio/agency for a solid amount of time. I just think that I would learn so much more and be a better designer at the end of it. Dream job I know, and seriously how often do they come along?

I guess I am just wanting the job thing more now as a lot of other things in my life have fallen into place lately. As my mum always says, you cant have everything...

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