Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good Vs Bad

Travelling via train every morning does have its good side, the freebies given out when you leave the turnstiles at Town hall Station. Yesterday and today the gods of free stuff have blessed me with individual portions of Berocca, as if they knew deep down that I really needed one. Then once you walk up the stairs and hit the footpath you get a muesli bar for your mid morning snack, or for me breakfast. It reminds me of walking around the city of Tokyo and everyone handing you the little packets of tissues. And then with all the free food that I also get from work everyday, I think I could live off this stuff.

But then again, travelling via train every morning does have its bad side, the cost. $3.40 one way or $6.20 return, when I buy my ticket at 8.30am. Just to go 3 stops and spend a grand total of 7 minutes on a city rail, sticky floor train. I think I am going to have to haul my body out of bed earlier and walk to work and home again.

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Ella Planet said...

... that is more than the cost of one beer.