Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Tourist Route

Why do tourists get up so early? Is this a common rule that all of them must adhere too upon entry into a new country? I think they must have to sign a sworn statement saying that they would do so, because when you are on holidays why would you want to get out and about before 8.30am? And before you say, “how do you know that they are actually tourists?”, trust me know. They have all the tell tale signs… the New Zealand city stamped t-shirt, the Velcro sandals, the Dutch brand backpack and a foldout map tucked in the back pocket of their cargo shorts.
And why would you want to wander around a city before most business open or people start work? I mean you would have to battle the peak hour buses and trans to get anywhere, the que at Woolies at Town hall is crazy that time of day and the queues at every coffee shop I walk past on my way to work are out the door. I understand if you had to get to the airport or to a early morning bridge climb, but are there any attractions worth seeing before 10.30am in Sydney next to a sunrise?
When I travel I guess I take the laidback approach. Sleep in until my body wakes me up (or until the cleaner tells me too), take as little as I can out with me during the day, leave the guidebook at home and wander down as many back streets as possible. Of course I go and see the major sites, I mean who goes to Paris and doesn’t sit at the Eiffel Tower? But I somehow feel that the people from out of town visiting Sydney feel like they are missing something if they don’t hit the streets early.
The only time I got up super early was to go and see the Tokyo Fish Markets which were defiantly worth the 4am wake up call my friend and I had. But believe me the rest of the time I was safely tucked up in bed until at least 9am.

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Cheech said...

Seriously... I'm a tourist and I've been awake since 5am. It's now 6.45am. Shops (well, the ones I like) in NYC don't even open til midday. So I gotta find other shit to do. Like eat. Then once that's done, I gotta find something else. I'm gonna put it down to jetlag. :)