Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Splendid Happenings

So i have packed my bag and i am about to limp out the door to head to Byron Bay and have myself a Splendid weekend at Splendour in the Grass. After having quite a full on weekend last week i was looking forward to a quiet week with my own thoughts and also some job hunting. This all turned on its head yesterday when i was out with Chiz. I am reminded of the Faith No More song "Its always funny until someone gets hurt....", yeah then its just hilarious - which it was as we continued to drink on. Well walking from one pub to another i decided to fall over, gracefully of course, and bugger up my ankle once again. So now i am seriously heading to Splendour on my best foot, as its my only foot. So with this in mind, and the fact that i may have to go and see my new best friends at St John's before any of the action begins, i thought i would talk you through my new timetable plan of action.

So its a given that i am going to start my Saturday on a slow intro and work my way upwards, beginning with Manchester Orchestra. I saw and shoot these guys in Jan of last year, without knowing a thing about them. They supported Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and also were in for the Laneway's Festival. These 5 young guys blew my mind. They have this close knit vibe on stage and the lead singers voice gave me goose bumps, HONESTLY.

When they dropped their 2nd album a few months ago a didnt give it enough time. But lately it has been high on my rotation, and its climbing still. The main single "Ive got Friends" makes me want to bop along in a festival crowd and sing so very loud.
These guys are going to be my high light of the festival, big call for me i know but i am excited to see these guys again.
So thats at 1pm... from here in on the first day, i will be following Jane and the gang to see some good Aussie bands.. We have Yves Klein Blue, Little Red, Art Vs Science and of course Bluejuice. I am sure that at this point of the day it will get messy!

When 6pm rolls around, i think i will be in fine order for the very nice young French man Yuksek. I also got to shoot this guy last year, this time at Parklife. Im not always 100% on shooting DJ's but his guy was fun. I love how he really gets into his beats and tunes with the live crowd. And not to mention his dress sense!

Then as the dark sets in, we have some traditional bands to kick on with. Juggers are making their home coming at Splendour. I am quite excited with this. I was a major supporter of these 3 boys in 06 and 07, and they made the end of Falls festival last year go off so i may pop in to say hi. But the main acts that i need to catch a small glimpse of on this night will be Janes Addiction, Bloc Party and the Happy Mondays. I am not sold on the Bloc Party.. as that i dont know if i would care to half of each of the other two to see the entire set of Bloc Party. They disappointed me when they played at the Hordern the last 2 times, but i guess nothing beats the metro theatre.... But their new song is quite Electro and i do looove my electro.
Janes Addiction apparently are still in the States though, with one band member quite ill. And as the rumor has it, they may not make it here to play. Which would be a let down for this weekend as the Doves have apparently pulled out aswell.

So that may be my Saturday...... As for Sunday, im running late now and havent even looked at that time table!! That will be something for the plane.

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