Wednesday, July 15, 2009

weakness wednesdays

So today i spent with my main grrl Chi Chi. Had a good chat and wandering up and down at least 3 times in just one section of Crown Street mulling over what we should do, with Red Bulls in hand. The we went and looked at some pretty sneakers, and i hate to say it but i am torn. No, not between two sneakers but whether or not i should buy the below sexy things or get the tattoo i have been wanting for about 2 years.

So these 180's are H O T to trot. I really wasn't sold on them at the time, but the puppies have grown on me, alot. But now i am thinking, after a discussion with Sam at the East Village, and a bevy or two, that maybe my tat would be better for me at this moment in time. Given that i dont have alot of cash at the moment does put things into perspective, but i also dont want to miss out on things i want because of this. As the lovely Sam put it, 2 years is a long time to put something off. If i do get it, it may close a chapter in my life and allow me to move on with things.
I used to be one of those people that would put off things just to save money and have it there "just in case". But honestly why? Ive have had the high paying job and hated my life. Ive had the moment where i needed to move back home to Dural just to get by. So if something makes me happy i should do it, right?

But getting back to the point in hand, my tattoo. I have wanted this design i came up with for yonkers, but have always thought that my good mate Booga would be the one to put it on me. Seeing he is in Europe i think i can maybe just get it done sneaky-ish. Im think this may be the case.... So Chiz we may actually have a tattoo date tomorrow after all.

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