Sunday, September 27, 2009

Drawing a Blank

Am I the last one to jump on the band wagon?
Did I miss the boat yet again?
Should I repeat kindergarten?
Should I go directly to goal and not pass go?
Why have I not found the rapper Amanda Blank before?

I think I have a new Idol, watch out Karen O…

This grrrl is HOT and she has a bank full of talent. Coming straight out of Philly she has a wicked tongue on her and I’m sure she is set out to prove everything wrong. This lass has already worked with some of the biggest names in the music biz, Ghostface Killah, Yuksek, Diplo (squeal) and she was the voice on that fuckin’ awesome song of all time Bump by Spankrock. Come to think of it I’ve seem this lady live in action with Spankrock at the Becks Bar!

Listening to Something Bigger, Something Better currently and I just want to go out and dance to some hip hop, in some new sneaks. Her tunes are really quite addictive, her gun-magazine samples and laser-gun effects make the songs bounce well with her soft MCing in this track. Some could compare her to a MIA or Santigold, but I think her rhymes are much dirtier and layered. From what I have heard so far, Ms Blank knows how to have a good time, and I wouldn’t say no to a live show hers.

I honestly am going to go out and buy this CD of hers this week, and believe me it is going to get played on repeat. Tracks like Shame on me and Might like you and so going to make it on one or two playlists this summer. yet the song Gimme What you Gotwhich features Spankrock, is a top fav after one listen. The dirty as back tracking would be so good to hear loud as possible in a place like Fabric London.

New style icon too maybe? Or too early to call? I think this grrrl will pick up the pace where MIA has us left on. I can see my new wardrobe already.

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