Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I don’t care if your ugly, Tattoos make you hot

I have been going through a tattoo phase in my life. It May be down to my addition of Foxtel into my life and shows such as LA Ink and London Ink, or it could be down to people around me are more open to such things. Many moons ago, my ex was planning his tattoo, he wanted me to get one with him. I turned up my nose at it. Given that when I last saw him, it did look like a Nazi Germany POW stamp on his arm, I am so very glad I did turn down the offer. But since moving into the city I have been noticing more attractive designs of tattoos on people. It has made me realise that I am finding guys with arm and leg tattoos much more attractive. An example of this was last Saturday at the markets with Amelia. This tall guy walked past and the first thing I noticed was this colourful tattoo sleeve down his left arm. It was so detailed and I just had to look at it. I think I also proclaimed my love for him as he walked away, heres hoping he didn’t hear me. On discussions of this male, I was told he wasn’t much on the eye, but from what I remember he was! Even apart from the art on his skin.
So this has thrown the thought up, do I suddenly find people of the male variety more attractive if they have tattoos? And if I do, is it down to the whole “bad boy” image? Or the fact that he can handle pain? I have asked a few of my girl mates, and they do agree with me. Tat’s maketh the man.

A good friend of mine, is now a tattoo artist and when he was learning the art, I saw him gain more and more tattoos on his body. To me this made him more attractive. The fact that someone wants to place something permanently on their body, shows true commitment to something. And if the person takes time to think about the idea and the meaning of the tattoo, it shows depth of character. These are qualities I really admire in people.

I am not going to admitt that it is the "bad boy" image thing, as apparences do mean alot to me, but i think it does has something to do with it.

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Ella Plane said...

hell yes! you know where I stand on this...

nice post!