Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good looking People and ipods

Walking to and from work in the past few weeks, I am starting to see a lot of people with white ear phones draping down their bodies. I May happen to be one of these people on the odd occasion too. Walking my way home, the scenery can be dull and often full of construction, so when I see something I like I tend to take notice. This does cover the opposite sex too. Being the judgemental person that I am, I wonder what these good looking people have playing on their ipods. If they have the look down pat, I do hope that they music lives up to the clothing attire.
Some of these people even have a little strut happening. Yesterday I saw this fella, walking up William Street towards Hyde Park, and he had the full on swagger on like he was swinging from side to side in tune to the music he had streaming through his ear phones. I was half imagining that he had a little of Rosin Murphy going on in those ear phones, as that would have made his actions understandable and also favourable. I would have also let him get off with listening to The Gossip or JT, purely based on his dance moves. His wardrobe for the day consisted of dark demin tight jeans, Nike 180’s, plain white Tee and black backpack. Strong outfit. Based on his clothing I also would have let him get away with any 1990’s hip hop.
And on Monday there was this guy who was going crazy on the air drum kit while walking down Liverpool Street. This made me giggle so much. I was tempted to go up to him and ask him what he was listening to, but I didn’t want to interrupt his moment. He would have lost his timing and would have had to start back at the beginning of the track and build the tempo all over again. But I would have stayed and watched him quite happily.

So this has got me thinking… when I see these people walking to work or on their way home, I am starting to put together a playlist for each of these people. This is done with 5 tracks, based on outfits, shoes, dance moves and/or hand actions. For this to happen I do need to watch the person in question a little more closely than what I would rather in passing or following for a block or two.
So for example, man in question wearing the solid outfit would have these songs on his playlist, in no order
1. Ruby Blue – Rosin Murphy
2. Fancy Footwork – Chromeo
3. Creator – Santogold
4. Det Lilla Livet – Familjen
5. Golden Skans - Klaxons

Lets hope he has all on his ipod, cause if he does, he’s a keeper.

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