Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Sessions

Nothing can beat a Sunday Session, where you find some mates and some sunshine, eat food and drink. Mine yesterday started off on a friendly scale in Paddington with Yanni, then closely joined by Brother Dan. Food and beer is what brings us closer. Feeling the joy of a ‘its almost summer’ we took it up a notch and ended up at the cricks, drinking more cider, with more cider on the side. 10 hours later I find myself at a pub in Slurry that I dislike, still with a drink in my hand. I remember saying in my head take yourself home Shifty Sherlock, which I did. But when does a Sunday Session turn for the worse? When the first glass breaks? Because if so I did that at 1.45pm upon leaving the first pub. Maybe that was a sign of things to come.
Can a Sunday sess turn into a Monday Madness? The last Monday Madness I endured was a few months back when a few of my fellow unemployed friends and I jumped from the Darlo bar to the Gaslight and one of us ended up trying to moonwalk on the front bar, before jumping down and then scampering off into the night. I don’t think anything could beat that. So what does one do then? Do you continue the session through into tonight for a quick beer, as if it was a Sunday after the night before? Or do you cut your losses and realise that you had work today and still do tomorrow?

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