Monday, September 7, 2009

The issue is BIG

So I have been a purchaser of The Big Issue for a little while now, and there is one thing that always gets me when I buy it. Why are the people selling the magazine so friendly yet anyone who see’s you buy is gives you evils? Lately I have been buying the mag from this fella cnr of Park and Castlereagh Street and we have a little chat. But when I turn to walk away, there are all these suits staring at me. And I mean full on staring, like your mother would if she could you doing something naughty and you knew she was going to use your full name to call you on it.
About two weeks ago I bought the Johnny Depp issue (I mean why wouldn’t you?), and there was this middle aged man, stopped on the footpath just looking at me and the seller. I did not know what to do, I mean why should I want to do anything? And then today another suit man did a double look at the seller as if he is in the wrong.
I am a full on advocate for the people that sell The Big Issue. They are trying to turn their lives around no matter what their history and it is something positive. People like these suits to stare down at the sellers, should be tripped over or spill red wine on their brand new silk ties. If these middle class people just bought one issue and read the sellers profiles, maybe they would change their opinions and gain a reality check

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Ella Plane said...

I too, bought the Mr Depp edition of Big Issue. Can I just say, I felt jipped when I opened the mag to see the ugliest picture of Johnny Depp inside. I think i was some sort of weird joke!

(the photo with his hair all slicked back and oily shine spots all over his t zone. he is human after all)