Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Noise Pollution

Imagine if there were earphones that are sold as a scam so that when you plugged them in everyone else on your street corner/train carriage/bus could also tune into your music. But in turn they were allowed to comment and dissect your taste in music…. Wouldn’t that be fun? Well no based on two reasons a) my music taste is awesome and B) I don’t really care what everyone else thinks of my music taste.

This bring me to my issue of the day... why do people suddenly think that if they can hear the slightest mumble from my earphones that it gives them the right to throw an evil towards my direction? I don’t believe I listen to my music loudly when in the public eye, and plus I would be either listening to Interpol, The Editors or Faithless. So why jump on your soap box and disrespect me and my choons? I could totally understand if I was listening to my music through a speaker phone or something of the like, making the song crackle and sound like it is being shouted through a mega phone but I am not that naff, or in a school uniform. So I put it to you people on the corner of Elizabeth and Park Streets why be a hater when I have my volume at halfway? You should be embracing the experience and frantically writing down the name of the song and the artist so you can hurry home and start your itunes download. Next time I will offer you an ear and a class in Music Education 101

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