Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I think i am a backpack snob

I have always had a thing for backpacks. This sounds so naff, but I like the design of them, they have functionality. I have never been one of those people that carries multiple bags with them, its all or nothing with me. I remember being in high school when all of my friends had the Billabong and Ripcurl bags and then the A4 folder in their hands, yet I had some no name red backpack which I think was $8.95 from target, which fitted everything including the Tupper wear lunchbox. Once I was in uni it was still pretty much the same thing. All of my friends had handbags yet a friend and I had these small Mambo backpacks that everyone looked down on. This is where my backpack snobbery started, and it still continues.

Currently I have a Gravis Staple Japan Backpack, and no I didn’t just get it based on the name having Japan in it, although it is cool now when I think about it. I love this bag, it is the perfect day trip bag. It fits all my camera gear in it for a music festival day of shooting. It doesn’t look empty when it is. Oh and it is comfortable. I have it in black but I do like the Gravis camo pattern that you can also buy.

Last Saturday I saw that Gravis have a new range out, and I am liking what I see. The Hubble Backpack is very pleasing on the eye and im sure the back too. It is pretty much made for skaters though, due to the skateboard straps on the front. At $70 a pop im thinking that my new addition to my bag collection will be the grey version of this baby…

Oh my gwad, I am such a nerd.


mishitty said...


i bought this back pack in prague. i wanted something to carry my laptop in. now i just have to get a laptop.


sezbot said...

hmm, i could have given you one of my hundreads of backpacks!!